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  • PLATING: 10mm/6mm/5mm/4mm
  • FUEL TANK: steel integral approx. 80 gal
  • WATER TANK: steel integral approx. 200 gal or stainless steel approx. 110 gal
  • DOORS: steel front and back, stiffened
  • SIDE DOORS: 2′ wide, stiffened
  • GAS LOCKER: vented and self draining to suit 2x13kg bottles
  • STERN LOCKERS: vented and self draining, seats, to suit gas bottles etc.
  • WEED HATCH: quick release
  • REAR HATCH: sliding 3′ wide
  • MOORING FITTINGS: T-Stud, 2 dollies, centre ring, bow/stern fender fitting eyes
  • RUBBING STRAKES: 50mm – one full length
  • DECKS: self draining
  • HANDRAIL: integral 40x40mm box section
  • ENGINE ROOM: engine beds, skin cooling tank, battery cratch, vented
  • PAINTWORK: steel blasted to grade 2 1/2 and primed
  • BALLAST: flagstones installed into a bitumen/epoxy prepared base, bilge blasted
  • FLOOR: 18mm water-resistant ply
  • BATTENING: 20x40mm planed on cabin sides and bulkheads, 18mm ply strips on the ceiling ribs 9
  • WINDOWS: 5x 36″x21″ windows , 4x 15″ portholes ; Worcester “S”-type etch and anodized 5
  • MUSHROOM VENTS/TILLER BAR: brass or chrome
  • DECKBOARD/LOCKER LIDS: 21mm water/slip-resistant ply, painted, labeled
  • SPRAYFOAM INSULATION: polyurethane complied with ISO 9001-2000 standards ANODES: magnesium 4x 4.5 kg
  • ENGINE FITTED: Beta Marine 60 hp (Beta Marine 50 hp for craft less than 57′), automatic bilge pump installed, starting battery, oil-lubricated shaft seal, Centaflex coupling
  • PAINTWORK: bottom and bilge covered with 2-pack epoxy; engine room sprayed with 2-pack epoxy; cabin top treated with filler and sprayed with 2-pack epoxy, one colour

Sailaway Lined (as hull with):

  • CABIN AREA: lined in ‘A’ grade veneered (or painted white/cream for extra charge) oak plywood
  • TRIMMING: solid oak trims and window frames BULKHEADS: two full height 12 V DC: full wiring loom incl. good quality 10 way DC distribution panel 230V AC: full circuit, landline, 6 double sockets
  • BATTERIES: starting and domestic

Sailaway Lined Plus (as sailaway lined with):

  • PLUMBING: water pump incl. strainer and accumulation tank, calorifier connected, plumbing runs installed, main tails and skin fittings, pipe boxing
  • CENTRAL HEATING: diesel 5kW including 3 good quality radiators
  • ELECTRICS: 2000W inverter, service batteries, 14 LED lights, horn and tunnel light
  • PAINTWORK: cabin top finished in gloss, slip-resistant decks All our boats constructed according to Recreational Craft Directive.